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Road Course Racing Basics

Driving Fine-Tuning and Consistency

Deep-Dive in to Your Driving Style

GTE  ◆  GT3   ◆   LMP1   ◆   LMP2   ◆   TCR   ◆   Open Wheel


Driven only by the desire to help, Leg Down Racing School is here to assist new players to simracing, and to help you gain that extra lap time.

Introductory Course to iRacing

Join us for a 1:1 Introductory session to see if you would like to run a course!

Introductory Session

The goal here is to get you introduced to iRacing and the simracing world in general.

Basics and Deep Dive

Go over your current driving skills and tendencies and fine tune them to get the best our of you. 

Going Even Deeper

Looking at actual driving data and telemetry to better understand where you can go faster.




Reaching your true potential, while still having fun


Angel Ledesma

◆ Founder, team lead in introductions to iRacing and racing line analysis. FSAE steering and suspension designer. Not fast, but at least knows how to read. 

◆ Racing line and Telemetry analyst.

◆ iRacing member since 2014, 249 official starts, simRacingPR iRacing Lead Admin.

Ricardo Echevarria

◆ His internet sucks so his lap times usually don't register, but when they do, its pretty much on top of the list. Extensive Karting background and lead driver for his FSAE team.

◆ Racing line analyst and setup tuning.

◆ iRacing member since 2019, 140 official starts

Hector Alvarez

◆ Hector also comes from a large karting environment, having lots of racing knowledge and experience. FSAE team lead and designer. Has a Gigantic ego and thinks he's the fastest, faster than "La Promesa".

◆ Setup tuning and Telemetry analyst.

◆ iRacing member since 2017, 42 official starts

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